Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hello everybody,
thank you for allowing me to post here.
This is the inscription on the spine of my GAK from Atlanta Cutlery, it's up for comments, translations, etc.

Thanks a lot!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Shree Jung [Shree 3 Chandra]

This is actually one I picked up in Nepal back in 2005. It is also Shree Chandra marked & also carrys another indistinct marking.{shown both ways up for clearer image.}

श्री जंग ५(?)/४६
श्री ३ चन्द्र

śrī jang 5(?)/46
śrī 3 candra

Shree Srijung Battalion

It has a 14 3/4 inch blade, 11mm thick at spine & weights in at 32 1/2 ounces.
The Shree Jung unit apparently specialised in Prime minister & Durbar Palace security in Kathmandu.
Heres an image of there regimental standard.

[edit: I combined this entry with my earlier one -be_slayed]

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pra go 7/48 [Shree 3 Chandra]

प्र गो ७/४८ श्री ३ चंन्द्र (for चन्द्र)

pra go 7/48 śrī 3 candra

??? unknown battalion

shree ram 3/21 [Shree 3 Chandra]

श्री राम ३/२१ श्री ३ चन्द्र

śrī rām 3/21 śrī 3 candra

Shri Ram Battalion??? (not in any of the Nep. battalion lists I have)

savu 6/26 [Shree 3 Chandra]

श्री ३ चंन्द्र (for चन्द्र) सवु ६/२६

śrī 3 candra savu 6/26

Shree Sabuj battalion???

singh/simha 6/51 [Shree 3 Chandra]

श्री ३ चन्द्र ँ सिह ६/५१

śrī 3 candra siha (for siṁha?) 6/51

Singh Nath battalion?
Simha Bikram battalion?
Simha Shardul battalion?

bhavānī dal 8/23 [Shree 3 Chandra] longleaf

श्री ३ चन्द्र भवानी दल ८/२३

śrī 3 candra bhavānī dal 8/23

Shree Bhavani Dal battalion